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Gate1® GA2000 Slide Gate Opener

$ 350.00

Everyone desires to live in a secure home, not because of paranoia, but due to the increasing concerns over security. Luckily, the Gate1 GA2000 Slide Gate Opener has all the features that one would ever wish to have. Enhanced security is everyone's dream and the new Gate1 GA2000 gate openers electric guarantees security and much more. A number of features that the gate opener has, and which everyone should sample include a internal mechanical limit switch for accurate and efficient.

This Wi-Fi enabled gate opener is easy and fast to install and so saves time and money. Additionally, it has a low-profile design as well as extremely quiet for enhanced security. It has a built-in receiver and is highly efficient. Whether one is left or right-handed, the gate opener is easy to operate because it has left/right operation.

The Gate1 GA2000 Slide Gate Opener is designed for residential use and has accessory input terminals. Unlike other gates, this one locks automatically when not operating. Another significant feature is that it has an integrated entrapment reversing system. The gate opener has a reliable mechanical internal limit switch which keeps the gate from unwanted ugly hardware installed onto the gate and emergency key release capability. Regardless of the weather, one need not to worry because the Gate1 GA2000 Slide Gate Opener has a weatherproof high-density polyethylene cover. The gate has unique features, such as the #40 nickel plated high strength chain not to rust and can open a gate up to 1500Lbs and 30 Feet. For residential applications, it also comes with limited lifetime warranty on the motor. In essence, no other product meets the qualities and features of the Gate1 GA2000 Slide Gate Opener. This unique product is highly recommended for people who value their security.


  • 120V AC Power
  • 24V AC Output
  • Wi-Fi Enable
  • Fast and Easy installation
  • Low Profile Design
  • Open / Close Sensitivity Adjustment
  • Built-In Receiver
  • High Efficient Extremely quiet
  • Left / Right Operation
  • Designed for residential use
  • Accessory Input terminals
  • Gate automatically locks when not operating
  • Integrated Anti-Trapment reversing system
  • Reliable Mechanical Internal Limit Switch
  • Emergency Key Release
  • High torque induction motor
  • Weatherproof high-density polyethylene cover
  • #40 nickel plated chain
  • Can open a gate up to 1500Lbs and 30 Feet
  • Limited Lifetime warranty Motor for residential applications
  • 2 transmitters included with the opener to open the gate from your car.
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • All components preinstalled
  • Includes universal mounting brackets and hardware for round and square posts