To keep your home and belongings safe, automatic gate openers are the best option

Posted January 27 2017

To keep your home and belongings safe, automatic gate openers are the best option. No need to waste money for security guards, just install electric gate openers. Based on your requirements you can choose single or double gate opener for your gates. You do not have to call an electrician for the installation. You can install the gate opener by yourself, by following the instructions provided in the installation manuals provided by the manufacturers.


During the installation you must take all the precautionary measures needed, as gate openers can produce high level of force. GA 1000 slide gate openers with VGS 13 control board and LED display is one of the suitable choices for you, which will be available at $259.95. The weight and length of it are 1000 Lbs and 35ft respectively. The main features of GA1000 are Overload sensitivity sensor and electronic anti entrapment system. You can set an Auto close timer using which you can set the gate closing time within 12, 25 or 45 minutes. Magnetic limit switches help to achieve accurate close and open gate positions. In the case of emergency situations like power failure or fire you can use Release key to open the gates manually. The overload protection and weather proof casing ensures secure and safe working.


Gate1@ GA1500 Gear Rack Slide Gate openers can also offer you what you need at $249.95. If you want to control your gates completely by sliding them right or left along the track then, GA1500 openers can satisfy you Gates of even 1,500Ibs are safe in the hands of the Gate1@ GA1500. This gate opener has a weight of about 28.5 pounds. It is user programmable as well as erasable. It is the safest gate opener as it can stop or reverse its operation whenever it encounters an obstruction. The different types of gates we usually found are


  1. Slide gates
  2. Swing gates
  3. Barrier gates
  4. Vertical Pivot gates
  5. Vertical Lift gates


Slide gates, as the name suggests, slide from left to right or right to left. Slides gates are of different types. The three various sliding gates are V track, Rear Pipe Track and Cantilever. Swing gates opens just like your bedroom door open that is either outward or inward. Barrier gates are purely invented for the purpose of traffic control. Vertical pivot gates either rise or fall to let your vehicle pass. Vertical lift gates lift just vertically, straight above the vehicles to let them pass below the gates. Depending on the type of gate, choose gate openers selectively.


The general installation methods of gate openers whether it is GA1000 or Gate1500 are as follows.


First determine the position of the gate opener where you need to fix it after that install the control box. After assembling the Post Brackets place it outside or inside of the gate and install gate opener arm. Connect battery wires to the control box and attach the power cable wires by color wise to the proper terminal blocks. Then fix the Transformer and connect the battery. Finally Set the Closed Position Limit and Auto Close Timing. For security purposes you can adjust the settings of Transmitter. Your gate opener is ready to work from now onwards.